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The Perfect Weekend

I want to post, I want to sound massively lazy and relaxed. I ate a lot of food this weekend, more than usual. 

After all it was celebration time, Amma’s grown older by a year, she’s become less “roundy dums” and I haven’t grown old for her at all.  It was the laziest weekend I have had in what seems like years.

Time was of least significance. Even if the clock staring at my face belonged to my grandfather who liked speed and continous work!! The clock reminded me more strongly of the days he’d spend his afternoons slouching in his Easy chair; the days when I’d routinely remove the wooden stick that held the cloth of the Easy chair together and throw it carelessly in an unknown place for him to find later.

The secret Mr. S was at Nagarhole, a wildlife sanctuary near Mysore. I stayed back at home in Bangalore.

Amma first showed off all the house cleaning that she’s been obsessively up to – starting with the garden.  She showed her beautiful earthen compost pot.

She majorly showed off her newest acquisitions – a rustic looking mini treasure chest and two tables with brass work on top. I got to keep a pair 🙂

It was Amma’s birthday, I’d taken some carrot cake for my brother and brownies for her. She made my favourites – Kalkandu Pongal, Vethal Kozhambu and Colourful Baked Rice. Appa made the world’s best Puli Upma. Nowhere in the world will you get Puli Upma the way Appa makes it – its unique and a result of his many scientific expeditions in the kitchen. You’ll consider the crunchiness of Granola passable if you have this Puli Upma and I am not at all exaggerating.

I slept for hours like a baby. I ate, slept, got more tired and slept more. While Amma kept talking continously.

We went shopping and made a lot of people who owned crockery shops richer by a few significant bucks. I finally found Ramekins at Jamal’s in Bangalore that I’ve been dying to acquire ever since I saw Suganya’s Individual Chocolate Cakes. They will arrive in Chennai with my mom in August.

I made some Focaccia using one of my favourite recipes from Delicious Days for Amma, Appa and my brother (secret Mr. R).

I went to visit my in laws, ate a lot more food – Jangiri, Bhajji, the world’s softest chapatis and delicious cauliflower curry.  I took some brownies and carrot cake for my niece (secret Ms. S) and nephew (secret Mr. N).

My niece and I played hide and seek. We read a book where a Monkey called Bubbles finds a red ball that’s not his. Then he finds the original owner, a cat called Sparks, and returns it.  I read a book of Adventure Stories for 5 year olds. It was a fascinating book with imaginative stories.

My niece also educated me on how crying was “not so much better” but still she had to cry and cry and cry.  She displayed her increasingly complex vocabulary and wanted to be patted on her back for her “attitude”.  

I had a mini adventure on the way to the station with loud heavy rain, traffic jams and roads clogged with rain water.

How was your weekend?


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