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Emily’s Ratatouille

Aubergine Inspired by a picture on Emily’s

I adore Emily’s Rocky Road of Love – I love the way she writes her recipes, with so much care and passion. Emily’s recipes are inspiring and I have picked a bunch of tidbits from her cooking style. The absolute hit was of course Ratatouille, a dish I have been wanting to try ever since I learnt that there’s more than rats to Disney’s Ratatouille.

I faithfully (almost) followed her brilliant recipe, to cook up a delicious pot of Ratatouille. I omitted zuchinni, used the microwave to parboil and sweat veggies and used dry thyme and oregano since fresh ones weren’t available. It’s delight to cook Ratatouille, its one of those perfectly adorable dishes that one can stand over for long and drown in the mesmerising aroma. The most delightful bit is to watch the vegetables cook together – the purple of aubergine with the green and red of peppers and tomatoes – its unbelievably fascinating. Ratatouille would perhaps be best described as a great mood elevator for someone who loves to cook.

Emily, thanks for the wonderful measures that gave this dish such a lovely balance of flavours. I love your recipe and will be cooking this really often.

Ratatouille in my beloved cooking pot

A Closer look

Bharathy thanks for your tips on the problem of “too much light relecting”, I shall cover my glass top table while taking snaps in future :D. Since I took this earlier this week, I will use your tips from the next time onwards.

I made this for breakfast and served it with Dosa (dosas and rotis are like almost perennial in our house). It was super yummy – a good alternative to Sambar.

Ratatouille with Dosa
Dosa with Ratatouille

Do go over to Emily’s for this brilliant recipe.

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