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Before we begin with the round up, I’d like to share something – my grandparents have had a petty accident recently resulting in a dislocated elbow requiring operation for my Thatha and an injury in the head for my Paatti. Age seems to have matters worse – the loss of independence and orientation is unimaginable. Latha, my amma, is awfully depressed mostly because she wants her parents to have a peaceful passage to the next world and not suffer for a many years before their death. We request all our blog readers and wonderful friends we have met online to pray for my grandparents and send them healing.

The Festival Cooking Series for Ganesha Chaturthi has about 39 entries which include narratives of celebrations, more on Lord Ganesh, memories and of course recipes. I have briefly indicated the content of each entry that is a “non recipe entry” so that you will get an idea of what the link leads to.

Ganesha loves to eat a lot and he must be one happy well fed kid right now going by the gigantic spreads and thalis that the food blogosphere churned out for him. I have included brief explanations for recipe based submissions wherever the title is too generic to figure out what the link will lead to . Overall each of these posts has a brief narrative of how Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated and will leave you with a growling stomach.

Arun Shanbag – Ganesha Chaturthi – excellent post that explains Ganesha’s iconography.

Renuka from FusionOn our first dear first God – Not to be missed Ganesha Facts that makes for a very interesting read

Kribha from En Samayal PakkamVinayakar Chaturthi 2007 – Details of her wonderful Celebrations and Kozhukkatais

Kalva from Curry in a KadaiGanesh Chaturthi – A beautiful ganesha that she made with chapathi flour and decorated with pulses.

Aarti from Aarti’s Corner –

Padma from Padma’s Kitchen

  • Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations – Hunger inducing giant spread interspered between accounts of celebrations at her home
  • Prasadam for Ganesha Chaturthi – Puja Procedure and Recipes for the Malai Modhak, Kudumullu, Uppu Undrallu, Pala Undrallu, Semiya Payasam, Paramannam, Pulihora, Bengal Gram Patties and Sauted Chick Peas

Roopa from Delectable Delights

Namratha from Finger Licking FoodGanesha Habba Platter – Recipes for Steamed Goodies for Ganesha like Kadubus and Idlis

Srivalli from Cooking for all SeasonsVinayaka Chaturthi Tradition and Nievedyam for God – Recipes for Neveidyam of Sundal, Kudumulu and Nugul-untallu (Sesame Seeds Laddo).

Anu from What’s Cooking! Ganpati Bappa Morya – Memoirs of this year’s celebrations and neiveidyam at her home.

Ramya from Mane AdigeKai/ Kayi Kadubu and Ganesha Chaturthi – Malleshwaram Flower Market during Ganesha celebrations and Kai Kadubu recipe

Cinnamon from Cinnamon Trail

Sobila from Iniya Tamil VirundhuInnipu Kozhukattai

Vee from Past, Present and MeNaivedya Sweet Appe

Remya from Spices and FlavoursVinayaka Chaturthi– Recipes for Kozhukattai and Chickpeas Sundal

Rohini of Rohini’s KitchenVinayagar Sathurthi – Recipes for Kozhukattai sundal and Kozhukattai

Mansi from Fun and FoodChurma (Wheat Flour) Laddoos

Praveena from Simply Spicy Undrallu with Ginger Chutney

Sheela from Delectable VictualsPoorna Kozhukkattai

Smrithi from Smrithi’s WorldGanesha Chaturthi – Shares recipes she followed to prepare these delicacies – rice idli, curd rice, ambode, rasmalai, kalakand, coconut laddoo and chakli

Sushma from Cook SpotMurrukku and Rava Sweet

Kajal from Kajal DreamsSalty Rajgara Seero or Farali Seero

Bhawna from From my plate – Chawal Ki Kheer

Roopa from My chow chow BhathKadabu and Panchgajaya

Shilpa from Aayis Recipes

Siri from Siri’s Corner

Manju from Mirch Masala – Paattis Special – Kozhukattai recipe from her Paatti

raaga 2
Raaga from The Singing Chef

Bindiya from In love with FoodBreakfast Ambrosia – Recipes for Puris, Masaledaar Chane and Suji Halwa

Bharathy from Spicy ChillyKozhukkattai and Paruppu payasam

Ujwala from Cuisine PointKarigadbu/ Kadubu

Vijaya from Daily MealsModak or Kozhukattai or Modakam

Asha of Foodie’s HopeBadami Peda

If I have forgotten to include someone’s entry or have messed somewhere with the links – do ping in comments.

Vee from Past, Present and Me will be hosting the next editions for Dassera and Diwali. Head over to her blog for details.

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