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How to bring a house down?

Note: Cross posted at bhawnatheatre.wordpress.com

Let’s tackle the customary introduction first,

Bhawna is a children’s theatre group in Chennai that works towards creating opportunities for children to interact and have a whole of fun without the dividing lines of “special” vs “mainstream”. We currently have 30 children mostly between the ages of 5-11 years including children with special needs, brought together by a common interest in and love for theatre.

We staged our first production “The Selfish Giant” on the 1st of December at CLRI Auditorium, Chennai. The play was adapted from a fairy tale of the same name by Oscar Wilde.

And now for the real stuff – after 3 weeks of an incredible amount of fun and frolic, loads of screaming, a hundred cups of hot cocoa and a lifetime’s supply of chips and not to forget the 3 hour long daily rehearsals – this is how things turned out.

A Garden is discovered

Who's garden
But whose garden is this?

Leave it - Let's just play
Let’s just play – don’t worry too much about what your mom will say.

Hide and Seek
A Game of Hide and Seek – I am not looking, hide fast

Scene 1 - Song
Dancing is good fun

Giant smelling
Fie Fye Foo Fum – I get the smell of children

Please Mr. Giant
Discovered!! Please Mr. Giant, don’t eat me up!!

giant small
Get out of my garden – I am big and I’ll eat you teeny weeny weasels up!!

The Spring Dance – I cannot set in The Selfish Giant’s Garden

Summer Dance – Oops, no golden glow of summer for a very very selfish giant

Autumn Dance – I’m passing over this garden too, but better watch out for naughty winter

Winter’s got style – Ice, Frost, Snow and Hail – Let’s teach the giant a good lesson

Winter Dance
North Wind joins the Winter Dance – Let’s play havoc

A Repentant Giant
Giant realizes his foolishness – I am sorry

Bringing the house down
Let’s have a party – Kids bringing the stage down AFTER the finale piece was over!!!


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