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I haven’t met my namesake – Lakshmi – but have heard quite a bit about her from Valli. Lakshmi is 28 years old with an adorable son and a school going daughter. She’s had a difficult life so far – suffering from coronary heart ailment, Lakshmi takes care of kids inspite of deteriorating health with almost no support from her husband.  She is currently dependant on her parents.  She has 5-6 months of life left in her in her current condition – assuming she continues to respond well to the high dosage of medicines she is under.

All doctors consulted so far have recommended an operation as soon as possible.  Unfortunately there are two problems that are delaying the operation –  the cost of the operation and the obstacles in access to free health care.

The costs of operation and sustenance works to 5-6 lakhs ($15000) – a daunting figure for Lakshmi’s family who are economically disadvantaged.  

The State General Hospital in Chennai which is well known for its Cardio Vascular department has a long list of people in queue for the operation. Lakshmi is way down that list that it might very well be 4 months before her turn materializes. I believe that although right to health is proclaimed loudly in a million mandated documents around the world – access to health care is universally difficult and often leaves little to individual choice.

Lakshmi’s mother works in Valli’s household. Valli is one of those rare food bloggers who post with an undiminished enthusiasm everyday.

Valli’s has decided to go ahead and raise funds online. The last date set to raise funds is the 15th of September.  We request our readers to contribute towards a life for Lakshmi.  

You can donate via Paypal. To Donate Click Here or access The Chip in widget at Valli’s blog in her sidebar.  After you get the confirmation mail from paypal, forward the same to Valli at lakshmi.fundraising@gmail.com.

If you’d like to send a Demand Draft send a mail to Valli at lakshmi.fundraising@gmail.com for the details.

Looking forward to your support.


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