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masala dosa

The southindian dosa is loved by one and all. It is served with a variety of chutneys and sambhars. A variety of toppings and fillings are used to make the dosa special. We will start with a simple filling.

The same batter prepared for idly is used.

Cooking time 10 minutes.

Makes 8 dosas (12 inch diameter).


Idli batter 2 cups.

water 1/4 cup.

Oil 1 table spoon.

For the masala

Potato (aloo) 1/2 kg.(pressure cooked and mashed).

Onion 1/4 kg.( Sliced)

Curry leaves 1 twig.(cleaned and chopped).

Corriander leaves 2 twigs.(cleaned and chopped).

Oil 1 table spoon.

Greenchilli 2 nos (Chopped).

Mustardseeds 1/2 teaspoon.

Urad dal, channa dal 1 teaspoon each.

Salt to taste.

For the red chutney

Tamarind 3 inch.

Red chilli 4nos.

Salt 1 teaspoon.

Tomato 1 no.


Grind all ingredients for the red chutney and keep aside. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a kadai add mustardseeds,when it crackles add urad dal and channa dal and fry till it is golden. Add the onions and fry till it is light golden. Add all other ingredients for the masala and mix well. Stir for a minute and put off the flame.

Heat a non stick dosa tawa in high flame for a minute. lower the flame,spread 1/2 teaspoon oil with a clean white cloth. Pour 2 ladles (1/4 cup) of batter in the center of the tawa, spread with the back of the ladle to a circle. Increase the flame to high. Turn and cook the other side. lower the flame turn again and spread 1 teaspoon red chutney ,place 3 tablespoons masala in the center of the dosa. Fold from both sides to make a parcel. Serve hot with chutney, sambhar and Southindian gunpowder.

Tips- Adjusting the flame is very important to get the dosa right. The flame should be low while spreading the dosa and increased while cooking.

I prefer using less oil. Smearing 1/2 teaspoon ghee on the dosa while serving will add flavour and taste. It is optional.


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Microwave Cooking Tips

Microwave cooking is very useful as it saves a lot of time. All of us experience some difficulties while using this new mode of cooking. Hope these tips will help.

1. There is no need to add too much water while boiling vegetables. Sprinkling 1 or 2 tablespoons water will do.

2. Never heat only oil in the microwave. You mix it with other ingredients and cook. eg. the seasoning.

3. Know the wattage of your microwave as it will help adjusting the cooking timings.

4. Timing should also be adjusted depending on the quantity of food cooked. Small quantities like 1 cup will require 1 minute to warm.

5.While reheating the food from the fridge always stir the contents once as the fat settled at the top mixes well.Other wise the fat tends to catch fire.

6. Always check and stir the contents in between to allow even cooking.

7. Microwave is like having one more stove, and if we use it wisely we can save time and fuel.

For any other queries please leave a comment and you will get a reply with in a few hours.

This is my entry to Srivallis MW basics event


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Idlis are a regular break fast in most south indian homes. It is served with a varieties of chutneys, sambhars and mulagai podi. The batter is ground on the previous day and allowed to ferment for 6 to 10 hours, depending on the weather conditions. I learnt the perfect recipe for Idli batter from an old family friend Parameshwariakka.

Skinned Whole urad dal is good. In case it is not available you can use broken variety.

Ingredients – Proportion 1

Boiled rice 4 cups.

Whole urad dal 3/4 cup.

Fenugreek (methi) seeds 2 teaspoons.

Salt 1 and 1/2 teaspoons.

Proportion 2

Boiled rice 5 cups.

Raw rice 2 cups.

Whole urad dal 2 cups.

Salt 3 teaspoons


If you are using a mixie to grind soak the dal and rice separately.Grind the dal first and then the rice.If you have a grinder, soak the rice and dal together.

Wash and soak the ingredients for 6 hours. Drain and grind , adding 1/2 cup water in the beginning. Keep sprinkling water as the batter absorbs. It will take 1/2 hour to 1 hour for this process. The softness of the idlies depend on this process. To get the right consistency you will need approximately 2 cups water for preportion 1, and 4 cups waterfor preportion 2. Transfer the batter to a large container. The batter will rise so fill only till half. Mix salt and cover with a lid.

The batter should be very smooth. Now leave to ferment. The batter will almost double in ten hours.

If you stay in a cold place, do not despair. You can wrap the container with an old shawl or keep it in a room where you have the room heater.

Grease the idli stand with oil. Stir the batter well and add 2 table spoons water and pour into the idli plates**. Steam in a cooker ( with out weight ) for 5 minutes*. Take out the idlis with a wet spoon after 5 minutes.

Serve hot with Sambhar, chutney and gun powder.

*The time depends on no of idlis you make. Time mentioned here is for 12 idlis.

**You can use the required amount of batter and store the rest in the fridge and make dosa or idli when you want. The batter can be stored for 10 days.

Idlis are the easiest to cook, once you master the procedure. So please Ask mami and clear you doubts.

You can also steam in a microwave Idli stand also. You can add a little more water to the batter.

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Rasam powder can be ground in a mixer at home. Does’nt take much time.


Coriander seeds 1 cup.

Toor dal 1/2 cup.

Channadal 1/2 cup.

Pepper corns 2 table spoons.

Jeera 1 table spoon.

Dry red chili 2 nos.


Place all ingredients in a microwave safe glass plate or bowl and micro high for45 seconds. this is just to dry the ingredients throughly. You can alternatively also dry in the sun for an hour.

Grind in the mixer into a fine powder.

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