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It has been a little over 2 months since we started this blog. It has been enriching, entertaining, fulfilling and total fun!

I just love the way some of my fans and blogger friends call me akka, mami, lathaji and lathamma! I also love being called a “girl” by a very dear blogger friend – Asha. Some assume I have some super natural powers to know that they have given an award to me, with out communicating in any way with me!

After posting for Srijayanthi, I learnt about the terrorist among our Bakshanams, creating mini blasts in the kitchen! It is our very own Uppu seedai aka cheedai! After making seedais for so many years, I suddenly got scared! I stayed one feet away from the stove while frying the seedais, 😀 , thankfully no blasts in my kitchen. I have updated the Uppu Seedai post with following tips that are sure to help you conquer this terrorist.

  • The scientific reason for bursting seedais will be water trapped in between or small rice grains.
  • To avoid Knead the dough very well. Seive the flour before roasting.

Some had problem with paal cake. I have again updated recipe with following tips.

  • For all burfis use the exact amount of sugar mentioned in the recipe.
  • The sugar should reach the crystilisation level.To check this pour a small amount of the burfi on the greased tray, while cooking the rest on low flame.If it solidifies in a minute or two then your burfi is ready.

To learn any recipe some practice is required. So always keep trying.

On a another note, this food blogging seems to have virtually caused a rather sudden but sharp rise in property prices in my neighbourhood! Some real estate agents thanked me saying it was all because of my Bhakshanams – that are making people want to shift in the neighbourhood!!! Well, I invite all my blogger friends to my place to taste the bakshanams, but please see to it that you don’t contribute to the already exorbitant property prices in Bangalore!!:))

We’ve been given more awards by our dear blogger friends.

This best blogger award is from Sobila is very dear to me! A week back I just clicked on her name from Bharathy’s blog and was surprised to find an award lying there for me! I came to know that Sobila has been visiting my blog and never commented as she is a soft and shy girl. Thanks Sobila for this lovely award!


Lakshmi (my daughter who writes here occasionally) received a A rocking girl blogger award from Saju, who not just cooks up delicious dishes at Chachi’s kitchen but also fills us in with cute photos of her nephews!

Then there is one more rocking girl award from SeeC. Thanks SeeC!


Let me end this with a dosa treat for all my virtual friends.

Tricolour Pancakes which take less than 5 minutes to cook – recipe has been posted earlier here.
Delicious Tricolour Pancakes

I have substituted coloured capsicums instead of Carrots.

Cone Dosa
Cone Dosa

The same old dosa folded differently as served in hotels – children and adults will love it when it is served this way. Make a regular circular dosa. Make a slit the middle from the edge to the center. Roll into a cone when still hot by folding in one end of the slit portion into the other.Place some masala on a serving plate and keep the cone over it.

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The award season in the Food Blogosphere is not ending any time soon!!! My friend Archana of luv2eathate2cook has presented me with these awards! Thanks Archu! She says we rock! With all the lovely comments from all my blogger friends, we must definitely rock! 😀

And then the Schmoozer award! All of you can read great interpretations of this award in Coffee’s Spice cafe. After her detailed description, I dare not say a word :D.

Well, I for one have just arrived on the internet and have just picked up some skills on this difficult box called computer that’s intelligent but refuses to listen – there is so much more Schmoozing to do!!! And Madhavi thinks the ‘Yum’ girls rock! Thanks Madhavi!

Awards may not be new to me since I have won several awards as one of the top managers of Tupperware in India for the past 6 years. In fact there is no place left in my show case.

But these awards mean a lot to me as I have earned the love and best wishes of my blogger friends who never fail to appreciate our efforts.

These past two months have been a huge learning curve in terms of a quite a few things in the virtual world from linking to widgets (I still think it will sound better as a snack’s name). I think the most difficult one to conquer has been the obnoxiously warped and jumbled alphabets that one needs to pass before publishing a comment on blogger. It used to take me ten minutes to write a simple comment – I am a sorry but I like technology to work for me not vice versa!!! Bee has elaborated more on this pain here.

Thankfully my typing speed has improved so much that I can finally type recipes faster than I cook!!! Today I am happy that I have answered all the comments on our blog and blogrolled all fellow bloggers who visited me. I just love to read all the lovely recipes posted in these blogs.

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Thank you Archana :)

About a couple of months ago computers topped my of things to “avoid like plague unless under severe circumstances”. Its been an amazing journey since then, from learning to mail, to chatting with my daughter and for the last month and a half – blogging about food.

There are a fair set of humorous incidents to illustrate my amusing chemistry with computers before I entered the world of blogging. The most famous one being the time I thought the computer was sick because the wall paper had been changed!! Now that I have started scribbling on food on virtual papers, I realize that I have missed meeting and interacting with so many wonderful people who are as crazy about the simple pleasures of life as I am.

But this post isn’t about my relationship about computers and how this has changed since I started blogging. This is a post to thank Archana, who writes at luv2eathate2cook, for all her affection, friendliness, laughter and help that she gave me and The ‘Yum’ Blog.

Archana pointed me out enthusiastically to different forums like Food Blog Desam and many Food Blog Events, helped me with figuring WordPress around from things like putting ‘widgets’ (about a month back I would have thought this was some kind of snack) to replying to comments. She even introduced our blog to the tons of food bloggers.

I have also been reading about awards that bloggers give each other – and since there seem to be no rules or governing body etc etc, and awards seem to be delightfully left to the individual discretion – I’d like to give Archana the Thoughtful Blogger award.


And this Archana, is especially for you 🙂


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