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Instant milk masala

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Neer dosai is a Karnataka special, usually served with a vegetable gravy spiced with green chili and coconut. Neer dosai can be good to carry as lunch as it retains its softness and doesn’t become dry.The texture is like a tissue paper.
This dosai is bland so it requires a tangy and spicy side dish.

Ingredients for Neer Dosai:

1. Raw rice  – 2 cups
2. Coconut (Grated) – ¾ cup
3. Salt to taste


• Wash and soak the rice for 3 hours or overnight.
• Grind the rice and coconut to a very fine batter. Add salt and 4 cups water.
• The batter should be of butter milk consistency. 
• Heat a tawa with rim on a medium flame. It should not be too hot. *Hold the tawa in your left hand and spread the batter on to the tawa with a cup or deep ladle.
• Now place the tawa back on the stove and keep the flame high. Turn the dosa after one minute.  Cook both sides and place the dosa on to a plate.
• Continue with the rest of the batter in the same way. Always stir the batter before pouring on to the tawa.

*Preparing this dosa is tricky and one can learn by practice only.

Capsicum chutney


1. Yellow red and green coloured capsicum – 1 cup (roughly chopped)
2. Urad dal  – 2 teaspoons
3. Channa dal  – 2 teaspoons
4. Coriander seeds – 2 teaspoons
5. Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
6. Red chili – 2
7. Green chili – 1
8. Curry leaves – 6 leaves
9. Perungayam – a small piece
10. Til oil  – 1 table spoon
11. Tamarind – 2inch piece
12. Salt to taste.


• Heat oil and fry coriander seeds, urad dal, channa dal, perungayam, mustard seed and red chillies till golden.
• Add the chopped capsicum, green chili, tamarind and curry leaves and sauté on a medium flame. Cover and cook on low flame till the capsicum is soft.
• Allow to cool. Add salt and grind to a paste. You can serve this chutney with any tiffin or serve with rice.


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Ingredients :[

For Rabdi

1. Milk -1/2 liter
2. Sugar or jaggery -2 tablespoons
3.Cardamom powder -1/2 teaspoon
4. saffron leaves  – a few

For Paneer balls

1. Paneer -200 grams
2. Rava -2 tablespoons
3. Cardamom powder -1/2 teaspoon
4. Baking soda – 2 pinches
5. Oil for frying


1. Boil the milk on a medium flame stirring occasionally.
2. when reduced to half add jaggery or sugar, cardamom powder and saffron leaves.
3. Keep aside
4. Grate paneer. Grind Rava to a fine powder.
5. Mix paneer, rava and cardamom powder
6. Knead to a soft dough.
7. Add 2 pinches baking soda and knead for one more minute.
8. Shape into small balls.
9. Heat oil on a medium flame. fry the balls till golden.
10. Add the balls into the Rabdi and boil for 3 minutes on a low flame.
11. Garnish with sliced nuts


Do not knead for long after adding baking soda
While frying leave the balls to set for a minute before turning

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